pali suli

tenpo la mi pali e ijo suli. suli mute la ni li lon:

  1. mi jan lawa lon ma pona pi toki pona, li pali mute lon ona.
  2. mi lawa e pali pi suno pi toki pona 2021.
  3. ku la mi en jan pakala (lu) li mama pi nimi 'kulijo'. :)
  4. mi en kule epiku Atawan li pali e sitelen tawa mute lon kulupu pi toki musi lon lipu Youtube.
  5. mi pali e sike pona! ona li sike lipu pi toki pona.

ni li ijo pi pona mute a! tenpo la mi wile awen pana e pona tawa kulupu pi toki pona. ni o lon.

lipu & ilo & musi

tenpo la mi pali e lipu pi toki pona, anu ilo pi toki pona. sina ken kepeken ona.

  1. ilo sona Like li lukin e sitelen pona sina li toki e ona.
  2. soweli! la sina ken pali e sitelen soweli kepeken ilo Picrew. ona li musi mute!
  3. nasin jan li lipu lon toki Inli. jan mute li toki e nasin lon e nasin toki pi jan pi toki pona li lon. lipu ni la mi sitelen e toki jan.
  4. musi pi sitelen pona la sina soweli li kijetesantakalu li tawa musi. ni li pali tan tenpo pini mute. musi ni li pini ala; tenpo li lon ala la mi ken ala pali e ona. taso ona li awen ken musi.
  5. musi pi linja suno li musi lon toki Inli, taso toki pona li lon. awen la ni li pini ala. taso ona li ken musi kin.
  6. nasin sitelen Wakalito li tan waso Likipi li tan mi. likipi li pali e nasin, mi pali e ilo.
  7. tomo lipu pi toki pona la mi alasa lipu e sitelen ale pi toki pona. taso tenpo mute la ona li sin ala la ona li pona mute ala.

kalama musi

kalama musi la mi pali mute. ken la sina sona e kalama musi 'o lape' — ona li tan mi.

sina ken kute e kalama mi lon lipu Youtube, lon lipu Soundcloud, lon lipu Spotify.

  1. kulupu kalama 'kule olin' la 'o tawa noka' en 'sina taso' en 'kule olin' li lon.
  2. kulupu kalama 'pimeja jasima' la 'ale lon mi' en 'luka sike' li lon.
  3. 'o lape' la 'o lape' en 'o lape suli' li lon.
  4. 'pini' en 'suno nanpa wan' en 'o kute' li lon.
  5. mi kalama e kalama musi pi jan ante la 'ale li ante' en 'kulupu jan tenpo' en 'mi pilin e ni' en 'pipi li kon' li lon.

tenpo la jan ante li kalama e kalama musi mi. ni li pona mute! sina wile la o pali e ni!


mi sitelen e ijo mute kin!

sitelen ni li lon poka pi jan ante, anu tawa kulupu sitelen suli:

  1. suli la tu kuntu li lon. ona li toki musi lon toki pona. suli la nimi 7000+ li lon. mi sitelen e ni lon poka pi kule epiku Atawan lon tenpo sike 2021 tawa utala musi lon ma pona — pini la ona li pona nanpa wan lon utala musi.
  2. lon utala musi pi ma pona pi toki pona lon tenpo sike nanpa 2020 la mi sitelen e toki musi. ona li monsuta e jan li tan mi tan kule epiku Atawan. pini la ona li pona nanpa tu lon utala musi.
  3. lon lipu uta monsuta (2021) la mi sitelen e toki musi "nasin kijetesantakalu pona".

sitelen ni li tan mi taso. mi pali e ona tan musi:

  1. lipu toki li toki musi ni: jan tu li toki kepeken nasin Email, li kama olin. ike la toki ni li pini ala. taso ona li suli a.
  2. sina pilin oke, anu seme? li pali mi tan tenpo pi pini mute. lon pali ni la mi open kama sona e toki pona — ni la nasin toki li ken ike lili. taso ona li suwi la mi awen pana e ona lon ni.

mute la mi pana e sitelen tawa lipu kule. tenpo mute la mi pana ala; taso ona li awen lon.

  1. omekapo la mi toki e nasin pi nimi 'omekapo'.
  2. monsutatesu la mi toki e nasin nasa monsutatesu lon toki pona.
  3. sowejoki la mi ante e sitelen Jabberwocky tawa toki pona, li toki e nasin ante. awen la ni li sitelen pona nanpa wan mi, a a.
  4. isipin la mi toki e nasin pi nimi 'isipin'.

ante toki

tenpo la mi ante e sitelen lon toki Inli tawa toki pona. tenpo ante la mi ante e sitelen lon toki pona tawa toki Inli. ni tu li lon.

  1. toki musi lon pini musi li tan musi Manka. akesi kon Nalasuni en jan Likipi en jan Lakuse li pana e pona mute tawa mi lon pali ni.
  2. jan pi kamalawala li sitelen tan jan Sojapoja. ona li pona mute la mi alasa ante e ona tawa toki Inli.


these are the biggest things that i've done in toki pona:

  1. i'm an admin on the ma pona pi toki pona discord server, and have done a bunch of moderation there.
  2. i was the lead organiser of toki pona day 2021.
  3. in the toki pona dictionary (ku), jan pakala (lu) and i are the creators of the word 'kulijo'.
  4. atawan and i created a lot of videos on kulupu pi toki musi on youtube.
  5. i made the sike pona webring! it's a toki pona webring.

these things make me happy! i want to continue contributing to toki pona.

tools & games

i've made a bunch of toki pona documents, tools, and games. you can play with them :)

  1. ilo sona Like is a sitelen pona recogniser.
  2. soweli! is a toki pona picrew. it's very fun!
  3. jan culture is a documentation of speculations of imaginary toki pona native speaker culture.
  4. musi pi sitelen pona is a game where you play as a soweli and a kijetesantakalu. it's incomplete and not in development anymore, but still quite fun!
  5. christmas lights is a game in english, but it has toki pona as a language. this is also incomplete, but it can be fun.
  6. nasin sitelen Wakalito is an input method made by likipi and i. likipi developed the system and i coded the app.
  7. toki pona library is my attempt at collecting toki pona writings. it hasn't been updated in a long time, though, so it's not that useful anymore.


i've made quite a bunch of toki pona music — the most popular is probably still 'o lape'. you might've heard of it.

you can hear my stuff on youtube, soundcloud, or spotify.

  1. in the ep 'kule olin', there's 'o tawa noka', 'sina taso', and 'kule olin'.
  2. in the ep 'pimeja jasima', there's 'ale lon mi' and 'luka sike'.
  3. in the ep 'o lape', there's 'o lape' and 'o lape (extended)'.
  4. i also have some singles, namely 'pini', 'suno nanpa wan', and 'o kute'.
  5. i've also made covers of other songs, like 'ale li ante', 'kulupu jan tenpo', 'mi pilin e ni', and 'pipi li kon'.

sometimes others will make covers of my songs. i love it when that happens! feel free to do so if you want!


i've also written a bunch of stuff!

these pieces are done with other people, or are a part of a greater compilation:

  1. the biggest one would be tu kuntu. it's a toki pona play with 7000+ words. i wrote it together with kule epiku Atawan in 2021 for the ma pona playwright competition — it came first place.
  2. in the ma pona 2020 poetry competition, i also wrote ona li monsuta e jan with kule epiku Atawan. this came in second place.
  3. in the toki pona zine uta monsuta (2021), i wrote a short story called "nasin kijetesantakalu pona".

the following are solo work which i did for fun:

  1. lipu toki, where two characters fall in love over email. it's incomplete, but it's quite long, and quite fun!
  2. sina pilin oke, anu seme? is a piece from when i first started learning, so the grammar feels a little bit off at times. but it's quite sweet, so i'll still put it here!

i also wrote a lot of articles on lipu kule. it's been a while, but the old ones are still there.

  1. omekapo talks about the meaning and history of the word 'omekapo'.
  2. monsutatesu talks about its namesake phenomenon in toki pona.
  3. sowejoki is whwere i translated the poem Jabberwocky into toki pona and explained the translation process. this is my favorite article!
  4. isipin talks about the meaning and history of the word 'isipin'.


sometimes i translate works from english to toki pona, or vice versa. those live here.

  1. minecraft end poem is from the video game minecraft. akesi kon Nalasuni, jan Likipi, and jan Lakuse helped me a lot with this!
  2. jan pi kamalawala is a story by jan Sojapoja. i enjoyed it a lot, so i tried translating it into english.