o kama pona!

toki! mi kala pona Tonyu. ni li lipu mi. sina wile la, o lukin e lipu mi pi toki pona ala.

lipu ni la seme li lon? mi sona ala. ken la ona li musi taso. mi wile pana e pali ale mi pi toki pona lon lipu ni. mi wile toki e sitelen pi pona mute tawa mi. ni li nasin a!

sina wile toki tawa mi la sina ken toki tawa bucketfishy@gmail.com anu tawa bucketfish#3961 lon ilo Discord.

jan pona

jan mute ni li pona mute, li toki pona kin. o lukin e ona!

lipu ni

mi pali e lipu ni kepeken HTML kepeken CSS kepeken JS lili taso. sina wile lukin la ona li lon lipu Github.

nasin pi lipu ni "kala.li.pona.la" li tan pona.la. ilo Sasi li ken e ni; sina pona a.

lipu ni li kepeken linja sitelen Barlow.


toki pona li suli mute tawa mi tan ni: ona li pana e jan pona mute tawa mi. ona li ante pona e nasin lon mi. ona li pona e pilin mi. mi olin e toki pona.

mi seme? mi jan pi toki pona. mi open kama sona e toki pona lon suno nanpa 18 pi mun nanpa 5 pi sike nanpa 2020. mi pali e ijo mute pi toki pona!

mi open kama sona e toki pona tan jan Misali. lon suno nanpa tu pi kama sona mi la mi kama lukin e ma pona pi toki pona — a! ni li pona mute tawa mi. lon la toki pona mi li awen ike; taso mi alasa mute, li kute mute, li toki mute. lon tenpo ni la jan Lakuse en jan Likipi en palisa jelo Natan en kule epiku Atawan li pona mute e mi.

lon tenpo esun nanpa tu wan pi kama sona mi la mi alasa toki pona taso lon toki uta. sona li weka la mi sona ala e pona pi toki uta mi, taso pilin mi la ona li ike mute a! lon poka pi tenpo ni la mi musi mute lon musi Manka pi ma pona, li toki kepeken toki pona taso lon ona. pilin mi la ni li wawa e kama sona mi pi toki pona.

lon open pi mun nanpa tu pi kama sona mi la mi pali e kalama musi 'o lape'. ken la ni li pali suli mi pi toki pona a! kin la mi ante e 'toki musi pi pini musi' pi musi Manka tawa toki pona.

ni li nasin open mi. jan mute la mi kama sona wawa e toki pona. taso o sona e ni: ni li lon tan jan pona mi. ona li lon ala la mi ken ala pali e ni. ona li pona muteeee!


hi! i'm kala pona Tonyu. this is my website. if you want, check out my main non-toki pona website.

what's in this website? i don't know. maybe i'll just mess around. i want to put up my toki pona projects here and keep track of my favorite works by others. guess that's how it'll go!

if you'd like to reach me, you can email bucketfishy@gmail.com or find bucketfish#3961 on discord.


these tokiponists are great. check them out!


i made with website with HTMl, CSS, and a little bit of JS. the source code can be found on github.

this website's domain, "kala.li.pona.la", is from pona.la. ilo Sasi manages that; thank you!

this website uses the font barlow.


toki pona is really important to me — it brought me many good friends, changed the way i think about many things, and gives me a lot of joy. i love toki pona.

who am i? i'm a tokiponist. i begun learning toki pona on may 18, 2020, and i've made a bunch of stuff using toki pona ever since!

i started learning toki pona with jan Misali's videos. on my second day i discovered ma pona pi toki pona — it's amazing! i was still awful at toki pona then, but i became super active on the server and asked a lot of questions, chatted a lot, and popped into the voice chats whenever i could. jan Lakuse, jan Likipi, palisa jelo Natan, and kule epiku Atawan really helped me in this journey.

at the start of my third week of learning i pinged for toki pona taso voice chat. i don't remember whether i could speak well then, but it was probably pretty bad! around then, i also started playing frequently on ma pona's minecraft server. i think that definitely tremendously sped up my learning.

near the start of my second month of learning i wrote the song 'o lape' — this might be one of my greatest works. i also translated the minecraft end poem into toki pona.

that's how i began with toki pona. some folks say that i learnt toki pona really fast, but it was all thanks to my friends on the server who helped me every day. they're all so pona!!!